Focus and Scope

Jursistekni (Journal of Information Systems Research and Information Engineering) First University of Nusa Putra was published in 2018, with issn registration from LIPI Indonesia. E-ISSN: 2715-1883 Jursistekni  Nusa Putra University is intended as a medium of scientific studies on the results of research, thought and critical analysis studies on the issues of Computer Science, Information Systems, and Information Technology both nationally and internationally. The scientific article in question is in the form of theoretical reviews and empirical studies of related sciences, which can be accounted for and disseminated nationally and internationally. Jursistekni University received a scientific article with the field of research in:

  1. Information Systems
  2. Expert system
  3. Decision Support System
  4. Artificial Intelligence System
  5. Data Mining
  6. Image processing
  7. Genetic Algorithms
  8. Designing Information Systems
  9. Business Intelligence
  10. Internet of Thing
  11. Database System
  12. Big Data
  13. Internet of Thing